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Run-On Sentence Detection

Notify user of run-on sentences

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  • Claudine Duberry commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This site is fantastic. Only comment is it should be able to help you with bad verbs as it can take hours to get to a good grade as per your indicator. However as said this tool is fantastic

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    you need to tell me in which sentence is bad vocab, bad grammar, bad word choice, bad style and no matter what kind of paper it is tell me my grade !

  • 777 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This would be an AWESOME tool. You should also have a fragment detection.

  • james hudson commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The electric control unit is a vital piece of equpiment it helps with engine performance and is the engine management of the main vehicle.

    As well as mapping and upgrades for vehicle performance ecu,s can be upgraded by purcahesing new software for the ecu or chips,but to make the cars performannce more effective the vehicle needs vital mapping this software insatalled on the the vehicles mapping sysytem this allows the vehicle to be de-graded or up-graded as or when you want to like on rally cars or kit cars the car can be resitricted at certain constraints like bhp, mph etc.
    Chips have maps in side them these are small EPROG systems that can be programmed to do a specific job like de-risction or de-tune for road going race cars the system can be activated to then be

  • eshraf commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    5. Persistent Cloaca
    This group of defects have a third most common anorectal malformation in females with severe complexity of female malformations (Levitt, & Peña ,2010).A cloaca is defined as a defect in which the rectum, vagina, and urinary tract connected and fuse, in one single channel. Persistent cloaca can clinically diagnosis .Any female born with imperforate anus and small-looking genitalia should examine Carefully by separation of the labia release a single perineal orifice(Levitt, & Peña ,2010).
    The length of common channel varies from 1 to 7 cm, this distance has technical and prognostic implications. The short common channel less than 3 cm, and long common channel more than 3 cm (Levitt, & Peña ,2010).A 30% of these patients have a very dilated vagina filled with mucus, urine ,and fluid, called hydrocolpos. The reason why the dilated vagina retains fluid is an obscurity, as the common channel is almost never atretic. The majority number of the patients with hydrocolpos also have a duplicate Mullerian system (when embryo early differentiate, two paired müllerian ducts develop into the female reproductive tract which includes the upper two thirds of the vagina , cervix, uterus, and fallopian tubes).
    The hydrocolpos may produce 2 important complications, first it may compress the trigone of the bladder,producing ureterovesical obstruction, megaureter, and hydronephrosis
    and second, the hydrocolpos if left undrained may become infected, leading to a pyocolpos that eventually may perforate (Levitt, & Peña ,2010). The resulting inflammation may scar the vagina and affect the future reconstruction.
    Approximately 40% of patients have a double Mullerian system consisting of 2 hemiuteri and 2 hemivaginas. This septation disorder may be partial or total and symmetric or asymmetric. In the asymmetric type, the double Mullerian system phenomenon is frequently associated with a unilateral atresia of the Mullerian structure. When this goes unrecognized, it may produce an accumulation of menstrual blood at the age of puberty, as well as retrograde menstruation into the peritoneal cavity. The presence of double Mullerian systems also has important obstetrical suggestion (Levitt, & Peña ,2010).

    Treatment of cloacas
    Represents a major technical challenge, with the goals that a patient should have urinary control, bowel control, sexual function, and obstetrical. These goals, are sometimes achieved, and sometimes partially achieved. Even for the most severe cases, all patients with anorectal and urogenital malformations should be clean of fecal in the underwear and dry of urine after the age of 3 ; these patients were either born with a simple malformation that was adequately reconstructed allowing them to realize their continence potential, or were born with a malformation with a bad functional prognosis, but can be maintained artificially clean of stool by successful bowel management program and dry of urine with use of intermittent catheterization through the local urethra or through a neourethra (continent diversion) (Levitt, & Peña ,2010).
    6. Complex Malformation
    Unusual and odd anatomic arrangements can be seen, each case represents a unique challenge to the surgeon, with different prognoses and therapeutic implications, no general guidelines can be drawn for the management of these patients ,each case must be individualized (Levitt, & Peña ,2010).
    Diagnosis of Anorectal Malformation
    When newborn birth , nurse inserted rectal thermometer to chick for imperforate anus and anal stenosis .The physician performs a thorough physical examination that includes seeing if the anus is open and in the correct place. To further evaluate of problem and to determine whether other abnormalities are presents ,a number of diagnostic tests may be done .Abdominal X-rays, these provide a general overview of the anatomical location of the malformation , to determine if it's high or low in the anorectal area, a cross-table lateral view can done ,and it allow physicians to know if there are abnormalities of the lumbar vertebrae, a sacrum and spine .
    Abdominal ultrasound and spinal ultrasound these are used to examine the urinary tract and spinal column, for spinal cord, anatomical abnormality which cause neurological difficulties, such as leg weakness and incontinence.
    Echocardiogram to determine if there are heart defects. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) In some cases, it necessary to make a exact diagnosis of spinal cord anatomical. It is also used to help define the anatomy of pelvic structures and muscles.

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    With regarding to the results of students questionnaire and ESP books evaluation, they revealed that there is a contradiction among the skills answers. The reason of this contradiction could be exploiting of the supplementary materials by students as well as the ordering of using supplementary material for improving their skills

  • Professor Maple commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Commotion started amongst all the kids all over campus as they scurried toward the playground, following the crescendo of the siren, all curious to find out who got hurt.

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This tools are very useful and helpful for spelling,grammar and plagiarism detection. If this tools could help for run-on sentence and check on the sentence structure, I would say it will be completely awesome and great :-)

  • Professor Henn commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    With people being able to create their own "OSs" and market them, it is possible that although computers have changed the world now, they can still change it today.

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